moonbeam report

We weren’t entirely a batch of happy little moonbeams. I hadn’t slept the night before, Ren was hyper from his work during the week and Erwin’s head was fizzing with a bit too much beer. That was the unlikely crew.

Drawing after sunset again proved itself to be well worth the effort though, presenting just that perfect mix of ease and challenge. We started at the river bend and as it grew dark and we had downed a few ginger beers and some jelly beans we headed upriver. 1st highlight was a dog with a strobing collar that pissed on Ren’s bag :(. Typical, I thought, after having myself spent the afternoon trying to recover some semblance of decency to two canvases that my darling little cat had sprayed.

The shed at the river bend is an excellent subject for moonlight painting so take note.

We spent some time on that.

We finished for the night at Erwin’s fairy mound with Ren and I engaged in a deeply philosophical discussion about

1. how we were going to do the underwater safari (still a bit uncertain but it may become more sculptural at this rate) and then

2. What the Frak (thankyou Battlestar Galactica for extending my vocabulary) were we trying to get out of the moonlight safari.

3. A very interesting proposal for another night safari where we will be drawing with lights (I know its been done – but not by us!)

further deep philosophy walking back to the cars

4. All reflections point to us individually and we only have our own POV (Point Of View). Ren: the only thing we really own is our shadow. Also Ren:There is a line between normal and sane insane .. no artists..maybe you know it…something about artists and insanity. Later I guess: The line between the sane and the insane is an artist. That’s it says Ren!

So ended the night ramblings.



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