Arse-end safari

Well we did the zoo again today and by popular request the outing has been renamed to the “Arse-end Safari” in honour of the fact that nearly everytime we settled in to draw some beast we ended up with wrong end.  This for some reason seemed particularly pertinent by the time we reached the zebras. We were eventually rescued by the frogs and tortoises  in the Australian wetland section. They stayed perfectly still – great life drawing models.

Ren’s earlier attempt to stir up some action by throwing his waterbottle into the elephant enclosure (he’s too nice to really do that) had failed miserably and he had get it specially retreived. It was amazing that his bottle actually reached the enclosure really because there was a tightly packed pram jam that went practically from the zoo entrance right up to the elephants and back throught the savanah enclosure and ending at the tuck shop: Lot’s of dads on holidays and out with the kiddies.

We even saw Kristen briefly – there is a rare animal nowadays. She was however on strict orders not to draw or paint and was quickly whisked off by her kids into the general maelstrom of the zoo experience.

So it was good fun but maybe fewer bottoms would have been in order – Oh, and wasps.



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