Mofflin: Sunday 23 August


Thanks to Kristin for this spot. It is an intimate bush setting with a flowing creek and a footbridge. Sort of reminds me of Monet’s garden – wrap your head around that. Because of the great success of last week as a painting expedition I am hoping that we’ll continue in this vein for a while. The more outré safaris are not lost and forgotten for you more adventurous artists, but we are being very trad for a while.

Location: The meeting point will be on Mofflin Ave in Darlington. We will have the sign out so keep an eye ready for it. This is the map reference with some directions as well: Mofflin. Phone Jeff on 0410216074 if you believe he might help you reach your destination.

Meeting time: 2pm Sunday 23 August.

Suggested to bring along: Umbrella, MOSQUITO REPELLANT, light easel and materials. If you want to follow the crowd then think about painting.

Wot Happened: I froze.


One Response to “Mofflin: Sunday 23 August”

  1. Amanda Williams - Portfolio » Blog Archive » Rally time again… Says:

    […] had grand ideas of getting to this week’s Art Safari – it being the first time in ages ‘cos I’ve been chained to the easel for months – but […]

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