City: Sunday 16 August


Another lookout
OK so we haven’t been to King’s Park before, but the time has arrived and we are aiming our views down onto the city this time. I was inspired by Erwin’s painting effort last week (Ren took a photo but I haven’t got it at the moment to upload) and would like to suggest that we all  give painting a go this time as well. I am.

Meeting time and point: 2:30pm Sunday 16th August, in the carpark at the end of Fraser Avenue. If you’re running late, try phoning 0402563841. The google map reference is,115.841373&spn=0.003154,0.004823&t=h&z=18

Suggested to bring along: Chair, hat, sun cream, drinking water, painting gear, easel and other materials.

see you there, Jeff

Wot Happened: It was really great fun with the rain and beautiful light show. Kristin gave us a hint to take home – use oil paints in rainy weather. A classic day.


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