Frottaging Hamish: Sunday 17 May


This sheep is baaing out for attention that only the safari can give him.  Hamish has volunteered to be the subject of the first FROTTAGE CHALLENGE. Frottage involves making drawings of some subject by taking texture into the drawing using rubbings from the environment (not Hamish!). Pressing paper to a surface and rubbing with graphite or chalk on the paper makes  strange and evocative textures and images. Combining many such rubbings together can make something really fascinating. A great exponent of this was that ever inventive surrealist Max Ernst. There are lots of variations on this method and I want you to try them all if you wish. Erwin claims he will be using clay rather than paper so we will be following his progress with interest. In old churchs in Europe they sometimes allow rubbings to be taken of sculptures. Often they use black paper with a hard coloured chalk. Let your mind roam on the possibilities.

We are introducing a few time limited warm-up drawings into the start of the safari in order for people to do just that. It helps.

I should also mention that there are other attractions here, among which is getting to see a real artist’s studio (a chance for some serious studio envy), plus a rather elegant landscaped garden.

Meeting time and point: 2:30pm Sunday 17 May. The meeting point is withheld for reasons of privacy here but please if you are wanting to come then email jeff at and you will get the directions. The destination is a property  in the Chittering Valley north of Perth about 30-40mins drive from Midland. My mobile won’t work out Chittering so I’ll have to find another contact # for those lost.

Suggested to bring along: Some food and drinks, chair, hat, sun cream, insect repellant, easel and materials. Now I suggest that you use a light weight paper for the frottage part this session at least. Perhaps layout paper. You may also want some scissors and glue. If you are like Erwin you may want to use clay to do pressings rather than rubbings. A large stick of soft graphite is good for rubbing though I suggest you exoeriment too.


2 Responses to “Frottaging Hamish: Sunday 17 May”

  1. Amanda Williams - Portfolio » Blog Archive » Frottage de Hamish Says:

    […] Art safari is heading out this way to take on one of Jeff’s crazy […]

  2. Alton Santana Says:

    Incredibly great post! Really!

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