Howlin’ ata moon: Friday 8 May


A marked change comes over The Safari during full moons. Ren becomes particularly hairy chested in his desire to go out there and draw. He suggested a howling rush this friday night to some nocturnal gathering by the river. Last time we did this we were joined by rats rather than dolphins from the time before. What creatures of the night will meet us  this time?

This location on the river is actually quite dark and has very little street lighting. There are some wonderful paddocks to the west of the meeting point with some huge, dark trees in them. The bridge itself may be a good subject and also a Catholic Seminary across the river. It is near Lilac Hill cricket ground for those of you in the know.

Sorry for the short notice. The Frottage Challenge is coming on the 17th (I think). Be prepared. Jeff

Location: The meeting point will be in the car park on the west side of the bridge in Guildford where Middle Swan Road crosses the Swan River. Phone 0419912876 or 0410216074 if you’re lost. I’ve centred this map on the car park .

Meeting time: 7pm Friday 8 May.

Suggested to bring along: MOSQUITO REPELLANT, light easel and materials. The drawing points are not very far from the car park.  A hat is a very good idea too in order to look directly into the direction of the moon. It helps reveal details that are otherwise lost. Think in terms of black paper with white crayons or white with charcoal. Yet another medium which might be very good is ink with a brush and/or pen. There is a need to fill in large areas of dark quickly on white paper. A small light is a good idea. Trying to light your work while drawing is generally a bad idea.


One Response to “Howlin’ ata moon: Friday 8 May”

  1. jeff Says:

    That was a lot of fun. It got very cold though and although Erwin wore a T shirt throughout, even he was complaining at the end. The bridge was very interesting by moonlight and I might go back and do some photography tonight. We did some warm up drawing for a start and it was very helpful. This is going to happen most times from now on I think.

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