Cathedral: Sunday 26 April

We’ve been about this area before and I (jeff) really want to get a good drawing of the cathedral under construction. The cathedral is mostly very grey and gothic and is framed in part by a lot of dead poplar trees. Interesting slashes of red and yellow colour are provided by construction equipment. I think that there is a great opportunity for a “dark” painting to be created from this subject matter by someone. I am going to have  go at least.

There are a lot of  old buildings around here many of which date to the nineteenth century. You should be able to park very close to the meeting point and certainly won’t have to worry about any parking fees.

Use your mouse in the image below to drag the view about and to look about the streets a bit so you can get some idea of the subjects available.

Location & Meeting time: 2pm Sunday 26th April at the Cathedral end of Goderich St in Perth. Call 0410216074 if your lost. Map Link

Suggested to bring along: Drinking water, light easel and materials, hat etc.

One drawing from this safari: cathedral


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