Overlook: Sunday 19 April

Port GibbonHi, it’s Jeff here – back fresh from the Nullabor. I’ve got very enamored of landscape drawing while I’ve been away and particularly of sites where it is possible to look down onto the subject. They can be surprisingly hard to find in the sort of flat landscapes that prevail in Australia. They give the artist a sort of demi-god’s eye view of the world and puts the subject matter into a neat box. Here’s an example of one thing I have done – it’s a view of Port Gibbon on the Eyre Peninsular in SA. That was about as high up as I could get. For this safari I have us going to a point on the Swan River that has got some cliffs overlooking a bend in the river with a marina in North Fremantle. The river curve combined with the details of boats below us should be an exciting prospect.

Use your mouse in the image below to drag the view about and to look about the streets a bit so you can get some idea of the subjects available. There are lots of different views along this stretch of the river that are all very worthwhile. Some of the views to the north towards Buckland Hill may hold some historical interest for people because  some of the earliest drawings of Fremantle and the river are views of Buckland Hills in their better days.

Location & Meeting time: 3.30pm Sunday 19th April in Rule St Nth Fremantle. Call 0410216074 if your lost.

Suggested to bring along: Drinking water, light easel and materials as well as some protection against the sun.


3 Responses to “Overlook: Sunday 19 April”

  1. Amanda Says:

    and maybe a brolly just in case 🙂

    (looking at the forecast while remembering the outing to that old cemetery)…

  2. Amanda Williams - Portfolio » Blog Archive » Freo cliffs this coming Sunday Says:

    […] put the street view up on the Artist Safari website so I’ve pinched his effort (all in a good cause) to entice you to go take a […]

  3. jeff Says:

    You should bring your brolly chair Amanda – an excellent compromise.


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