Lunacy II : Thursday 8 Jan.

Lunacy II

It’s coming again.  The time will be 9:00pm. Be ready. Watch this blog.

Actually Erwin and I went down there on Tuesday night and tried it. It was good. The best time for drawing is in the hours after 9, but it’s a good idea to locate subjects early. Far away subjects tend to be lit only in high contrast with all detail lost and soft edges. Close subjects have a lot of detail. Amanda pointed out a valuable link on this subject here and here. Erwin suggests that returning to a spot in daylight to rework the image might be advantageous.

Location: The meeting point will be in the car park in Fish Market Reserve in Guildford. Phone 0419912876 or 0410216074 if you’re lost.

Google Map

Meeting time: 8:30-9:00pm Thursday 8 january  in the Fish Market car park

Suggested to bring along: MOSQUITO REPELLANT, light easel and materials. A hat is a very good idea too in order to look directly into the direction of the moon. It helps reveal details that are otherwise lost. Think in terms of black paper with white crayons or white with charcoal.  Yet another medium which might be very good is ink with  a brush and/or pen.  There is a need to fill in large areas of dark quickly on white paper. A small light is a good idea.


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