Exquisite Monster I: Sunday 30 Nov.


We’ve been here before, but not like this. The difference this time is that in addition to the normal titanic endeavors of artistic expression we are going to become surrealists for a day and play a special version of Exquisite monster that your esteemed host for this expedition has devised. You will need charcoal, compressed charcoal and all the charcoally bits and pieces this time.

Location: East Perth Power Station. (The drawing point is about 400m south of the car park)

Google Map

Meeting time and point: 3pm Sunday 30 November; The old East Perth Power Station in the car park at the very end of Summer St – it is there so keep going till you can go no further. Phone 0419912876 or 0410216074 if you’re lost.

Suggested to bring along: A hat, sun cream, drinking water, refreshments, light easel and materials. Remember the charcoal stuff.


Here is the recomposed monster after a few minor alterations in order to make the joins a bit better.


One Response to “Exquisite Monster I: Sunday 30 Nov.”

  1. jeff Says:

    Difficult. I’m looking for suggestions about how to do this better. The interactivity of making the monster needs to be higher so that there is more integration in the final product. I’ll get round to posting the result we did have here soon.

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