Lunacy (Aries expedition): Wednesday 12 Nov.


The first Lunacy expedition – while the moon sails through the constellation of Aries – is here. Owing to the low angle of the moon in this cycle of its orbit the hour needs to be late. Fortunately for many of the participants I have scheduled it for the end of the Guildford Life Drawing session. Even more fortunately I have placed the venue across the road in the Stirling Square Park. This small park has trees, benches, arbors and an old church and very few street lights to maim the effects of the moon. It is intended to be a trial more than anything else so it should not last more than an hour.

Meeting time and point: 9:30pm Wednesday 12 November outside the Guildford Mechanics Institute Hall in Meadow street, Guildford – quite close to the railway lights. Phone 0419912876 or 0410216074 if you’re lost. Try across the road in the dark park if your late.

Google Map

Suggested to bring along: A low power light – preferably red in colour so as to not affect your night vision, light easel and materials. I think that white or black paper and black or white crayons might be a good idea.


3 Responses to “Lunacy (Aries expedition): Wednesday 12 Nov.”

  1. jeff Says:

    Well that was a very revealing trial of the concept of painting by moonlight. It was freezing cold so we weren’t out so long; but surprisingly relaxing and a real driver for the imagination. It’s like that trick where you squint at what you’re drawing only it happens all the time without trying. I found myself drawing more quickly and only in broad areas of tone. Looking at the picture in moonlight you tend to read more into it than is actually drawn. In full light all its mystery and meaning seems to evaporate. Some experimenting is in order here for sure.

  2. jeff Says:

    One other thing I would say is that working from a dark background to highlights may be the most effective approach.

  3. jeff Says:

    Lunacy comes in cycles and the next one is 10-12 December.

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