Menagerie: Sunday 9 Nov.

The first expedition to the zoo swings into operation on the second Sunday of November due to the hassles provided by the intecession of the Red Bull Air Race on the previously scheduled day. The challenges are great, and the subjects are many and guaranteed not to sit still.

Location: Perth Zoo at 20 Labouchere Road, South Perth. Go to this site for lots of information on the location, parking, costs: Perth Zoo. There is free parking available opposite the zoo and plenty of public transport access.

Google Map

Costs for entry

Meeting time and point: 12:30pm Sunday 9 November; outside the gates of the zoo. Phone 0419912876 or 0410216074 if you’re lost. Be sharp or you may not find us easily – though I suggest you look by the elephants or the orangutans.

Suggested to bring along: A hat, sun cream, drinking water, refreshments, light easel and materials.


One Response to “Menagerie: Sunday 9 Nov.”

  1. jeff Says:

    Never again on a Sunday! No heavy equipment unless intending to stay fixed on one subject – like the elephants. Keep it very simple.

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