The Junction 2: Sunday 2 Nov.

Midland Town hall precinct is a collection of attractive and decidedly daggy architectural subjects all close together. It is reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s still. Get some while it still lasts. This is a second coming to this area partly because no one (apart from Ren who wasn’t there long) showed last time and I had a terrific time drawing there and want to do it again. Note the later time of the start. This is to give us some more free time after the markets close at 3pm and also because daylight saving is making it too early otherwise. I’m going to be particularly interested in drawing the old courthouse.

Location: Midland Town Hall, intersection of Old Great Northern Hwy and Great Eastern Hwy.

Google Map

Meeting time and point: 2:30pm Sunday 26 October; under the clock tower. Phone 0419912876 or 0410216074 if you’re lost.

Suggested to bring along: A hat, sun cream, drinking water, seat, light easel and materials.

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