2 Rivers Meet: Sunday 5 Oct.

Bells Rapids on the Avon River

This is the metamorphosis point on the Avon River where it becomes the Swan River. It is also the place where it finally descends from the inland plains to the coastal plains. Transitions are always interesting places and this is no exception. The hills are steep and the water fast flowing. The photo above is taken in April when the water is gone and only stinking ponds remain. This will be our first visit to the site but we may yet see it in all its moods. There are several interesting points along the valley here but they can be very spread out so for the moment we will meet at the very end where the walking track descends to the bridge you see in the picture. Google maps is a little difficult to interpret here because the road is a dirt road continuation of Cathedral Avenue that goes through Brigadoon (don’t expect Shangri La). Also the map coordinates may be wrong. Nevertheless keep going from this point Here until you reach the end and see our little red sign. O yeah – be there at about 1.30pm.

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