The Depths of the Earth: Sunday 21 Sept.

Be at the Boya Quarry (also called “Mountain Quarry”) carpark at about 1.30pm. We’ll be in and around the quarry for a few hours so if you come a bit later then take a walk up to the quarry from the car park. It’s only 10mins walk. Too much gear can get heavy uphill though. This google maps link (“Mountain Quarry” carpark in Boya) is centred on the carpark to help you find your way.

I would suggest you have some good footware because some of the steep walks can be slippery with laterite gravel or broken rock.


One Response to “The Depths of the Earth: Sunday 21 Sept.”

  1. artistsafari Says:

    The prospect of anyone showing up on this sunday looked bleak given how bad the day started. Still Amanda did, and she and I froze our bums off up in the quarry. Even the climbers failed to show so I guess they’re the fair weather breed. I got to try out the sign for the first time however and watched it spin around in the wind and put in the opposite direction to that of the expedition. I’ll sort that out.

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